7 New Features Coming to Instagram in 2019

Instagram new features

It’s an exciting year for Instagram! There are 7 new features coming your way this year, some which are already available. It’s important to stay on top of what’s new on Instagram so you can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. HippoMedical is here to give you the details about the 7 new Instagram features debuting in 2019.

Instagram New Feature #1: Donation Stickers

One of the first new features coming to Instagram this year that is already available is the donation sticker for stories. The donation sticker allows you to raise money for your favorite cause or non-profit from within the app. If there is a cause you feel strongly about, you can use your Instagram account to help this cause. This is the perfect sticker to raise awareness about different health conditions. To use the sticker, head over to make a story and go to your stickers section to choose your favorite cause. You can also see how much you raised by swiping up on your story after it’s been posted.

Instagram New Feature #2: New Camera for Instagram Stories

If your Instagram app is updated you might have noticed that the camera has changed. There is still more change to come! You will be able to scroll through to find your favorite creative tools much easier than before. Find all of your camera tools in one section as well as filters. There is also a create mode that allows you to make posts without uploading a picture or video first.

Instagram New Feature #3: Creator Profiles

A lot of details about Instagram Creator Profiles has finally emerged. Influencers are wondering if they should make the switch. What’s a creator profile? A creator profile will give you more in-depth analytics and exclusive features that aren’t available on your business profile. Creator profiles will have access to both their insights as well as creator insights which breaks down engagement stats, demographic info and when their audience is online. They will also have access to follow and unfollow data to see which content is helping you gain or lose followers. Creators will also have different DM filtering options that will allow them to prioritize messages with friends, family or brands. They can also rank them by relevance so that they never miss a message.

Creators will be given the option to choose their preferred method to be contacted by. One of the downsides of the creator profile is that it isn’t connected to the Instagram API meaning that you won’t be able to schedule posts if you use third-party scheduling software. There is a rumor that the profiles will only be available to influencers who have a good account standing.

Instagram New Feature #4: Buy Products From Your Favorite Influencers

Instagram is also testing out a shopping tag that will let influencers, artists, celebrities and other people of importance tag their clothing so you can buy it without leaving Instagram. This is a direct way for influencers to sell products on their Instagram. This feature is currently only available for a small number of creators like Kim Kardashian.

Instagram New Feature #5: Create Your Own Stories Filter

One of the biggest announcements made this year is that Spark AR Studio will be available for everyone to use to create their own Instagram stories filters. This is good news for business owners who have a product they want to sell. Want to sell to your customers? Make a filter with something for them to try on.

Instagram New Feature #6: Hidden Like Counts Official Testing

Instagram revealed earlier this month that they were considering hiding like counts on posts. This would influence creators to care more about the content they are posting than how many likes they receive. This will reduce pressure on accounts and help people have fun on social media again. The post will show that the photo is liked but it won’t show by how many people. The owner can still see how many likes their posts receive, however.

Instagram New Feature #7: Away Mode

The last new feature you can look out for on Instagram this year is “Away Mode.” Away Mode lets you step away from your account without deleting it. Whether you are going through a tough time or you just need a break from social media, if you choose to use Away Mode, notifications and activity will be disabled temporarily until you disable Away Mode. Instagram is also rolling out a nudge feature that nudges users not to make rude or mean comments that can result in bullying.

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