Does Your Dental Brand Belong to You?

Your dental brand goes further than the name of your dental office. It’s what makes you unique, it’s what your customers thinks of you, it’s your quality of service. Your brand is associated with everything related to your business, which is why you need to make sure your brand belongs to you.

Brand Name

canstockphoto6346294-compressorIf your brand isn’t unique and doesn’t tell a story, it’s likely that others might have the same name. Before settling on a brand name, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t belong to anyone else. If you have an extremely common last name and want your dental office to be named after you, you might want to reconsider.  You also wouldn’t want your dental practice’s name associated with a restaurant in the area, it might throw your customers off. Choose your name wisely.


In order to check your brand name to make sure it is completely yours, you need to go further than just googling the name. The website Knowem, allows for you to search your brand name across social networks, websites and businesses. This is canstockphoto5690715-compressoran extremely helpful tool when checking your brand name. Test all of the names you have in mind!

After checking out your brand name, it’s time to see if your desired domain is taken. If it is, you can attempt to contact the owner and negotiate a price for them to sell it to you. If that doesn’t work, you can set up alerts to let you know when it’s expiring through a Domain Monitor. If the current owner doesn’t renew their domain, you can take it from them. Although, if they renew it and won’t sell it to you for a reasonable price, you might want to reconsider your brand name and/or your desired domain.

Twitter & Social Media

canstockphoto8573210-compressorOn top of checking the domain, you should also be checking for available social media pages and Twitter handles. If there are already Twitter handles using your brand name and you notice that they have been inactive for a long time, you can request access to the account by filling out this form. You need to provide proof of your brand and clearly state that this account is mispresenting your company. The process can take anywhere from a week up to several months. If there are also Facebook or LinkedIn pages with your brand name and they are inactive, you can also request to take over ownership. If you’re having trouble gaining access to Twitter handles or other social media pages that have your brand name, you might reconsider changing your name. If you’re not open to changing the name, be patient, if this brand name is important to you, it’s well worth the wait.

Logo Design

Dental Affiliate Logo DesignLastly, when deciding on a logo design, like your brand name, you need to make sure that it’s not only yours, but a symbol for your dental office and what it stands for. This is what customers will see when they think of your dental office. A tooth seems like a generic go to for dentists. If you are set on having a tooth or dental related item incorporated into your logo, try and make yours unique. Or you can take a different route and make your logo completely unrelated to the dental business; instead make it about your brand name and what it means.

After taking these necessary steps, hopefully you are finally able to settle on your brand name and start putting your image out there! Contact us here at Dental Affiliate to let us help you create your personalized logo and the website you’ve always dreamed of.