How Can I Increase Engagement on My Social Media Posts?

Are you posting all over Facebook and Instagram and not seeing any results? Maybe you’re only receiving a few likes but nobody comments or replies to the post. Or perhaps you are just lacking followers in the first place. We have compiled a few tips for those businesses who may be suffering from lack of engagement on their social media posts. Read on to learn more about improving social media engagement.

Post Content Your Followers Will Actually Enjoy

One way to go about doing this is by putting yourself in your customer’s/patient’s/client’s shoes. What would you want to see posted if you were them? Do some brainstorming and make a list. Your list can include anything from informational links to relevant articles, your blog, informational videos, pictures of results, testimonials and of course anything humorous is always good.

Include a Call to Action

A lot of the time people don’t comment is because they don’t feel welcome to comment. By including a call to action on your post, followers will feel more inclined to include their feelings on the subject. A call to action can be anything as simple as asking their opinion, or just to comment yes or no, or even to share their experience. Calling for engagement can also be as simple as “like this post if….”

Encourage New Followers

Encourage your patients/customers/clients to follow your pages. When they are in your business, ask them to give you a follow or a like before they leave. You can even hold a contest for new followers; for example: one lucky new follower will receive a gift card. If you send updates through email or texts, be sure to include a link and call to action to follow your social media.

Post Contests

Hold monthly contests where followers share your post or tag so many friends. The winner can win something as simple as discount from your business or a small gift card. People love free things and encouraging followers to share your page is a very cheap way to encourage new followers.

Promote Your Posts

If you are looking for the easiest way to create more engagement and are willing to spend some money, we highly encourage our clients to use sponsored postings on social media. Sponsored posts help you target your exact market. The best content for using as a sponsored posting is contests. Since contests are already the most shared content, boosting the post will more than likely draw big results.

Engage Back

If people are commenting on your posts, be sure to comment back. If you are not engaging with your audience then why would they ever comment on there again? This is also very important if someone is asking a question. This is a good time to remember how important customer service is.

Make Sure Everything is Up to Date

It’s important you update your social media information as often as you update your website and other places. Make sure your address and phone number are correct. It’s also smart to swap out your profile and cover photos regularly to show you are active on your account.

Try These Tips on Your Next Social Media Post

Start improving your social media engagement with these tips today. Need extra help? Contact us at HippoMedical if you would like to implement a blog on your website or other services.