How Does Blogging About Dentistry Benefit Your Dental Website?

You may have been on your competitor’s website and wondered why they would need a blog to further describe procedures and such.  You also notice that they are the same dental practice that is leading the search engine results for your area. Blogging on your website brings a lot more benefits than you might realize. Learn about some of the benefits you can receive from implementing a dental blog for content marketing.

Increase Search Engine Ranks with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is everywhere and isn’t going away anytime soon; in fact, it’s becoming more intelligent as time passes. With blogging, your website will continually add new pages and fresh content—which is something search engines love! When you expand on topics of pages on your website, the topic or keywords you are trying to rank for will benefit. In the end, both your main page and similar blog pages will rank higher on search engines. That means not only will your main page rank higher, but there will be more pages of your blogs listed for users to click on. The more pages, the better.

Increase Your Dental Practice Brand Image

The more pages you have on your dental website and the more you share it with the world whether via social media or email, your dental practice brand image will become more known. This leads to creating authority on your website.

Build Your Dental Practice Authority content is king

When you repeatedly post blogs expanding on topics, it shows how much of an expert in the field your practice is. For instance, if you have written numerous amounts of blogs about periodontal disease, your viewers will assume you are an expert. This creates superiority to your competition.

Long-Tail Search Queries Vs. Short-Tail Queries

Without a blog, a dental practice won’t rank for “Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening.” They might rank for a short-tail query like “teeth whitening in Houston,” but not for a long-tail search query. With blogging, you will expand your range of topics you can rank for, which increases your chances of being found.

Social Media Integration

Social media is a great tool for sharing direct links to your blog! The best part of social media is how easily a large audience can be reached and shared content with. Not only does this drive traffic, but it creates more outbound links into your website, which is another great tool for SEO.

Drive Traffic to Your Dental Practice Website

Having more content creates higher ranks on search engines, more sharable links and an overall increase in traffic to your website!

Create Leads=More Patients=$$$$

Creating leads is what marketing is all about. With an increase in traffic, brand image awareness, informational content, social media presence and ranking on search engines, blogging will create a dramatic increase in leads which means more patients in your door and more money in your pocket!

Do you want to reap the benefits from blogging on your website? Leave the blogging and social media to our experienced content writers here at Dental Affiliate and we will let you relax while you outshine your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about our content marketing packages!