How Patient Reviews Improve SEO

How Patient Reviews Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is made out of a handful of tactics. This includes website content, meta descriptions and even patient reviews. Patient reviews are often overlooked when it comes to improving search engine rankings, but they can actually be a strong factor. We already know that patient reviews play a huge role when it comes to patients choosing a practice.  When searching for a new dentist, one negative review can divert someone away from your practice. If you have a strong SEO strategy, odds are the patient is checking out your reviews after seeing that you are at the top of search results. It’s up to you to provide the best service possible to gain the best reviews. Your patient reviews will affect your SEO as well as your business.

Create Intriguing Google Search Snippets

When your review page pops up on search results, it’s important that they showcase positive reviews and 5 stars as a way of click bait. This intriguing snippet will bring a user to your review page and if they only see good reviews, you have a better chance of them clicking onto your website. More clicks to your website from an outside source increases your SEO. Having great patient reviews therefore increases your potential patients and your overall SEO.

Create Unique and Fresh Content

Search engines love nothing more than fresh and unique content touching your website often. If you have a loop patient reviews running through your website, this is creating more searchable relevant keywords for Google to look at. Continue to gain new patient reviews to keep the fresh content flowing and the relevant keywords appearing.

Increase User Time On Site, Lower Bounce Rate

In today’s day and age, consumers are more likely to trust other consumers over content on a company’s website. Therefore, your patient reviews are more valuable to your practice than any content on your website. Having patient reviews and testimonials on your website shows that you know how consumers pick their next dental practice. It allows for them gain more trust in your practice because you are showcasing the experiences of your patients, rather than hiding them from view. When a patient has a sense of trust while on your website, they will easily spend more time on it rather than clicking away. The longer a patient spends on your website, the more credible you become to search engines; thus increasing your SEO. Clicking through your website is also another way for search engines to determine if your website is useful. If there is a high bounce rate, it shows search engines that the content on the website wasn’t what they were looking for.

How Do I Gain More Reviews?

To increase your patient reviews, we have a simple solution for you. With our product ReviewDoor, you can text patients after their visit to your dentist office where they will receive a link to review their experience. The best part about this product is that the review will go straight to you before being posted on your website. Prevent negative reviews from becoming public and learn how to improve your practice. ReviewDoor automatically loops your reviews on your specified review page. All you have to do is use the software to text your patients and watch the reviews pour in. Contact us today to learn more about ReviewDoor and start gaining more positive reviews while stopping negative reviews today.