How to Attract Millennial Patients to Your Dental Office

Think Like a Millennial

If most of your patients are midlife to senior age and you want to expand your cosmetic dentistry and preventative dentistry business, you should be working to get more millennials into your office. Millennials are generally in the age range of 18-36 years old and take different matters into consideration when searching for a new dentist as compared with older patients. Read on to learn how to capture the business of younger millennial patients.

Gain Their Trust

Gaining the trust of your patients isn’t hard to do, just don’t lie. If you offer a procedure for a higher price than other dentists in the area and you are aware of it, explain to your patient why you charge more. If you can’t deliver the results a patient wants, don’t lie to them, be honest up front. This also includes being honest with your patients about procedures they need. If they don’t need a crown and can get away with a filling, don’t lie to them so you can pocket the cash. Take your patient’s best interest in mind by considering their time and money spent at your office.

Reviews and Referrals are Important

Millennials have had internet access almost their entire lives so checking reviews before going somewhere is almost always a must, especially when it comes to choosing a dentist. If you have any bad reviews listed on your Yelp, Facebook or Google accounts, there’s a good chance that millennials will avoid you. Make sure your reviews are all positive, and if not, make sure there is evidence you have tried to make amends with the angry reviewer. In some cases, the millennial will take a word of mouth referral more seriously than online reviews, so make sure you ask all your happy patients to ask their friends and family to also come visit.

The Experience Counts

The experience includes everything from your website to a phone call to your office. If your website doesn’t make you stand out from your competitors, it’s unlikely the millennial will give you a phone call for an appointment. Your website should not only look great, but it should have all the information a patient should need when deciding on a dentist. In addition to having a great website, your social media should also make patients want to come visit you. When a new patient calls into the office, it’s important to make this phone call especially great because one bad vibe can cause the potential patient to hang up and try somewhere else.

Need Help Bringing in Millennials? We Can Help!

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