How to Leverage Facebook for Your Dental Practice

Facebook Key Magnified Means Connect To Face BookFacebook has long-established itself as the king of social media, with large and small businesses alike flocking to Facebook to promote themselves. It’s likely that you, yourself, have a Facebook account for your business or even personal day-to-day use, but maybe it’s time you step up on your marketing efforts. When it comes to patient retention and consumer confidence, nothing is as effective as a reliable brand and a close relationship with your loyal patients. Today, with technology at your fingertips and the tools that we make accessible for our clients, it’s easier than ever to reach out to existing and new patients for the benefit of your practice.

Building a Presence

While it is easy and free to sign up for a Facebook account and create a page for your business, it’s important to know that there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s a few simple things you can do to drastically boost and enhance your reputation and page activity.

  • Post tips. Your dental patients rely on you for consult, so it’s important to make information easily available and answer questions. Simple tips can help boost activity and share your ability with your patients.
  • Write and share blog posts. While quick tips are often helpful, either writing a new post or sharing an existing blog post is an effective way to comprehensively address frequent concerns or interesting topics for your patients.
  • Post photos. A photo is worth a thousand words and tells a story. Whether it be spreading the culture of your practice or sharing the happiness you have brought to a patient, simply sharing a photo can help promote your practice and build a reputation.
  • Ask for reviews. Reviews help prospective and existing patients feel confident about the practice they have entrusted with their mouth. Simply asking your patients to like your page and leave a brief review can drastically enhance reputation and make converting new patients easier.
  • Ask questions. A key to becoming intimate with your patients is understanding their points of concern. Not only will you know what topics to discuss in your efforts, but you will be reinforcing confidence in your practice being available.

To find success in this arena, consistency is a key reason. Spending a several minutes once or twice a day can lead to very effective results and a stronger relationship with your patients. With these relationships come patient trust and loyalty, word of mouth referral, a stronger reputation leading to more prospective patients, and a better rate of conversion and retention.

At Dental Affiliate™ we strive to help our clients build confident brands and help them better connect with new and existing patients. If you’re in need of a friend in the industry, don’t hesitate to call on us.