How Your Social Media Account Influences Your Patients

How Your Social Media Account Influences Your Patients

When you post on social media, your posts will have an influence on your patients who follow you. For example, if you post about dental implants a lot, a patient will become more interested in dental implants and wonder if they are a candidate for the procedure. If you are unsure if this is true, think back to your own personal social media accounts. Is there an ad or several articles about a particular product you are interested in, and the more you see it and learn about it the more you wanted it? This is an example of how social media marketing works in today’s day and age. At Dental Affiliate, we want our clients to achieve the most out of their social media marketing efforts, which is why we have provided some tips below.

Post Consistently About a Procedure You Want to Give More

If you recently purchased a CEREC and you are trying to earn back the money you paid for it, social media is a great place to advertise your same day crowns, veneers and more. Not all patients are aware of the difference of their dentist using a CEREC versus sending to the lab, which is why you should also use this as an opportunity to explain how it works. Once you post about a particular procedure enough times, especially cosmetic dentistry, patients are more likely to consider it for themselves.

Post Before & After Photos/Videos

If you are not already consistently posting before and after photos or videos of the amazing dental transformations you are responsible for (with the patient’s permission), social media is the place to do it. Your patients who follow you will see these transformations and begin to question if they are in need of a smile makeover or a particular procedure. Before and after photos are motivational for patients who are hesitant to get work done that they either want or need. These posts influence your patients to take the plunge to finally schedule an appointment.

Post About Dental Education

If you post small facts, or posts about dental education, for example, how to properly brush and floss teeth, it’s likely that your patients will see it and actually take the advice their dentist has posted. Although this doesn’t benefit your dental practice, it will benefit the lives of your patients. What kind of patient wouldn’t like to learn how to have the healthiest mouth possible anyways?

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Social media is a great way to influence your patients to contact you about a certain procedure you offer. If you are unsure how to manage your social media marketing, or are interested in having a regular blog posted on your social media, contact Dental Affiliate today. We offer a full range of social media and content marketing services.