Instagram Statistics for Medical Professionals

Instagram Statistics for Medical Professionals

You can easily type in “Instagram statistics” into Google to find out different types of statistics so we’ve broken down the important stats for medical professionals. If you are not already utilizing Instagram in your practice, it’s time to start. If you need assistance starting your Instagram channel, check out our past blogs about Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Dental Photography.

60%of Users Will Log in Daily – There are 400 Million Active Users World Wide

Falling behind Facebook, Instagram is the most used form of social media. These statistics show that about 240 million people use Instagram daily. This is great news for you if you are trying to gain a large follower amount, and thanks to hashtags, your posts are more likely to be seen on Instagram than Facebook.

90%of Instagram Users Are Less Than 35 Years Old

This is great news if your target audience is younger people. Although cosmetic surgeries such as dental veneers or breast augmentations are performed at all ages, younger age groups are more likely to opt for the procedures in today’s day and age of social media. Since you know the primary age of your Instagram audience, you can target your posts towards people that age. Post before and after photos of patients younger than 35 for best results.

In the Past Two Years, Instagram Usage Has Doubled

Since usage has doubled in the past two years, there’s no telling how much larger it will grow. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the leader in social media, Instagram’s potential has no limit. Stay ahead of the curve and cater to the future of social media by implementing an Instagram channel in your practice.

32%of Teens Claim Instagram is their Preferred Social Network

Although Instagram isn’t topping Facebook, it’s following close behind. If your target audience is teens, this is great news for you. Target a large portion of your posts towards teens, using popular and trending hashtags for best results.

50%of Instagram Users Follow Brands

Although your medical practice isn’t a brand, this statistic shows that users are interested in learning more about what they are purchasing. Dental work and plastic surgery is also a purchase, so you should look at Instagramming your practice as building your brand.

90%of the Top 100 Brands are on Instagram

This just goes to show that to be the best, you have to put your brand out there. 90%of the top brands are active on Instagram, while about 50%of brands in general are on Instagram. Although we don’t know the specifics for dental practices or plastic surgeons, you can bet that the statistics are similar. Just look at Dr. Miami. For example, his Instagram channel has almost half a million followers. You can bet that his business is booming thanks to his social media efforts.

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