Instagram Update Rumors to Look Out For

Instagram is constantly changing and giving us updates that can change our entire marketing strategy. For example, over the past year, Instagram has introduced Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live. These have allowed businesses to bring their followers directly into their offices to view procedures, get to know the staff, and be educated without spamming followers with posts directly on their feed. The next rumored update is albums of pictures.

Photo Albums? Why Should I Care?

Perhaps you have seen photo albums already on Instagram, they are usually on sponsored ads. They allow you to swipe through multiple pictures without losing your place in the feed. A photo album will let users post up to 10 photos or videos at one time into one gallery. Users can choose a different filter for each image/video. This is great for businesses who want to showcase one procedure in many different images and videos but don’t want to spam their followers with multiple posts.

What Can I Do with a Photo Album?

This is a complete game changer. With photo albums, instead of single posts, you can choose to show your results in many different angles, post different video snippets of the procedure, and even education photos/videos. The possibilities are endless with photo albums because you don’t have to worry about posting too often and having your followers be annoyed.

What Don’t We Know?

There is no information available regarding captions on the photo albums. We aren’t sure if you can create individual captions and add tags, locations, and hashtags per each post or if there is only one caption, tag and location for the entire album. If there is only one caption for the album, we question if all the photos and videos will show up under the hashtags, or does the entire album? Until this update rolls out, we can’t be certain of it’s potential.

When Should I Look Out for This Update?

The photo album update is rumored to still be in development and testing. There is no information about when it will start rolling out to android and apple users. As soon as the update takes place, you can be sure to learn everything there is to know about it from us. Stay tuned!

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