Is Your Dental Office Using Facebook Live?

Facebook Live slowly rolled out the past year, but most Facebook users aren’t using it. The main users of Facebook Live seem to be businesses, news stations and celebrities, bands and public figures. One of the benefits of using Facebook live, is that it notifies all your followers when you are live. So why not implement Facebook Live in your dentist office? Here’s some ideas you can use to help you get started.

Live Stream a Procedure

Medical procedures are always fascinating to watch, especially if you don’t work in the medical field. Use Facebook Live to live stream a procedure, while also making it educational. This can be used in the future for patients who are interested in learning more about the procedure before having it done for themselves.  These don’t have to be videos that scare a patient away from a procedure, they can be anything simple from having teeth whitening to sedation dentistry.

Post Educational Videos

These can be anything from how to properly brush and floss to how to deal with a dental emergency. Your patients will appreciate this small bit of education and hopefully use it to maintain a strong and healthy mouth.

Remind Patients to Come in for a Visit

Life happens and we forget about our dental appointments. Whether your patients forgot about their scheduled appointment or have gone over a year without scheduling a new one, a reminder is always helpful. With Facebook Live, your followers are notified when you are live. They might be interested in what their dentist is posting about, so give a fun and friendly reminder to schedule their appointments to come in for a cleaning or to address a problem they are having.

Post Fun Going on in the Office

If there’s something fun going on in the office: a birthday celebration, holiday, or the team is just having fun, share this with your followers. Everybody likes to see people having fun at their workplace. It will make your patients more excited to come see such a fun team.

Make Announcements

If you have announcements or news to share with your patients, Facebook Live is a great place to share it. There’s something more personal about sharing news or announcements via video instead of in writing.

Show Off Technology

If you have some new technology in the office, or old technology you think you patients would be interested in learning more about, steam a Facebook Live video of it being used and how it works.

Need Help with Social Media?

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