Retarget Marketing as Your Next Dental Practice PPC Strategy

What is Retarget Marketing?

Have you ever searched for sunglasses on Amazon and the next thing you know there’s little advertisements in the corner of your screen for those specific sunglasses you were looking at? You can thank cookies for that!  With remarketing ads, cookies will track a user’s visit to your site, and then later give them that friendly reminder ad on their screen to visit you again.

If you’re considering a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to increase traffic to your website, you should consider also using retargeting (also known as remarketing). With these facts listed below, you will see how beneficial remarketing campaigns can be.

 Patient Conversion Rates of Brand Retarget Marketing Increase Over Time

You would think that the more a user see’s an ad over and over again, the less likely they will click on it. That’s actually wrong. It’s been found that users are twice as likely to click on the ad if they have seen it more than once. It gives the user a friendly reminder of what they were searching for earlier or what website they were viewing. It’s possible they exited out before they were finished.

 Facebook and Google are the Best for Retargeting Your Dental Practice

Due to the social media revolution, people are spending more time than ever on social media, specifically Facebook. Facebook has over 1.4 billion users, most who log in at least once per day. Google on the other hand, is the most used search engine, and reaches 90%of internet users globally. 65%of those are reached every day. You can easily see how much traffic these two websites receive. Using both for retarget marketing can drive a lot of traffic!

 Retarget Marketing is Great for Building Your Dental Brandremarketing

When you use display ads as opposed to remarketing ads, it’s quite likely that a user will see your ad and not recognize your brand name, or remember it after clicking. With retarget marketing, the user has already visited your website. Visitors are more likely to visit your website multiple times and then spend more time on it with remarketing compared to display ads. These help users become acquainted with your brand, spreading brand awareness.

 Did You Know Remarketing Clicks Are Inexpensive?

Compared to keyword search ads, remarketing ads are cheap as dirt. Depending on your market, keyword search ads can cost as much as $50 per click if your keyword is hot and the market is large. With remarketing clicks, prices tend to stay pretty low.

 Facebook and Twitter Make Remarketing More Powerful for Your Dental Practice

With Facebook and Twitter, you can set up a remarketing campaign that appeals to your audience instead of just anyone who stumbles upon your website. Using social media can give you the option to filter your remarketing cookies based on several social media targeting options such as age, life events, job titles, cities, interests, people/brands liked or followed and more.

The Result

If you were a salesman and a customer just walked out of your work without considering you or the services you offer, you wouldn’t let them walk away. This is the logic behind retarget marketing, don’t let your customers walk away or forget about you.

Now that we have laid down some hard facts about retarget marketing, contact us today to start planning your next Dental PPC campaign. If you’re not ready for PPC just yet, learn about our dental practice content marketing package to get you ranked high on search engines and stay there.

Dental Affiliate_Retargeting Marketing*Infographic about Retarget Marketing, click to view larger image.