Should Your Dental Practice Be On Instagram?

Should Your Dental Practice Be On Instagram?

When it comes to social media, Facebook is the most commonly used platform because it allows patients to post reviews, see images, videos and announcements. It’s the most logical platform for social media focus. What about Instagram? Instagram is a platform owned by Facebook that is solely for posting images and videos. What is so great about it you might wonder? The use of hashtags is actually effective on Instagram. You can use hashtags on Facebook, but they deliver few results. With Instagram and Twitter, users are more drawn to hashtags so they can look for similar posts. Now that you know the gist of Instagram, you need to find out if using energy on an Instagram page would be time worthy for your dental practice. At Dental Affiliate, we know what is best for your dental practice in today’s digital era. Let us break it down for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a Large Focus

One of the most obvious reasons you should be on Instagram is if your practice focuses on cosmetic dentistry. It is also beneficial if your dentist has had some astounding results they would like to give to more patients. Instagram is a great place for you to post these before and after shots. This will allow you to network with new patients, colleagues, and you might even go viral. Instagram users love to see people with dramatic transformations and even videos of the procedure being done. Your videos and images might inspire people to get some work done themselves or refer a friend who could benefit. The possibilities are endless.

Reconstructive Work is a Large Focus

Any before and after photos are great to feature on Instagram. People love to look at them, other dentists like to see their colleague’s work, and they become a portfolio of your work. There may be patients out there seeking dental work, but aren’t sure of their possibilities. These shots will help patients see the potential of dental work. This can lead to patients giving you a call to receive your expertise.

Using Hashtags and Networking

Finding new patients becomes easier with Instagram. Patients will find your work by simply clicking on hashtags and if they are in the area, they will most likely give you a call to schedule an appointment. It is not only great for finding new patients, but for networking opportunities. Befriending other dentists can work out in your favor. Maybe you meet a dentist who specializes in wisdom teeth extractions who you can refer your patients to, while he refers his to you for porcelain veneers. The possibilities are endless with Instagram.

Showcase Videos of Procedures

Watching videos of medical procedures is fascinating to most people. It is a great way to both educate and entertain your patients. By showing your patients videos of procedures or even patient education, this can draw in lots of new followers. More followers equal more patients.

Create an Account

If you feel your practice could benefit from showing videos of procedures, or featuring before and after pictures of either cosmetic dentistry or reconstructive restorative dentistry results, Instagram is for you. Setting it up is easy and you can connect it to all of your other social media platforms so no post goes unseen. Send out an email to all of your patients or post on Facebook to let everyone know to go follow you. For more social media advice, contact us at Dental Affiliate today!