Social Media Post Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Social Media Idea Posts for Every Day of the Week

Including a great social media strategy is the best way to take your company’s online reputation to a new level. Creating engaging content is a smart way to interact more with your patients. It also makes you look good when potential patients are scoping out a new dentist. With the help of some alliteration and hashtags, we have compiled a list of great ideas for you post daily on your social media, whether it is your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this will help you have a content idea for every day of the week.


This is one of the top trending hashtags on Mondays on social media. This is a great way to start a conversation with your patients. Post an inspiring quote or an inspiring story or image about your dental practice. On Twitter, 60%of the Motivation Monday tweets are retweets, meaning people aren’t posting their own, they are looking at others. This is a great opportunity for you to gain more followers.


Transformation Tuesday is a great excuse to post a before and after image of one of your patients. With their consent, post one of your dentist’s best cosmetic work. This might inspire a patient to call you up for a procedure, or comment about a transformation they want.


Wellness Wednesday is a way to share dental health facts and advice for a healthier mouth with your patients. This can create a conversation and educate your patients.


For Thankful Thursday, post an image of a patient who is thankful for the dental work they had done, or post how thankful you are for all of your patients. You can post an image with your favorite patient and what you love about them.


Feel Good Friday is all about feeling good. This can be an excuse to post a patient who is feeling great about their smile, or a procedure that leaves patients feeling good, like a teeth whitening treatment!


On Saturday’s, post a selfie of one of your happy patients! There’s nothing your followers would rather see than the smile you have help a patient achieve. If none of you patients wanted to take a selfie, post one of you and your coworkers having fun in the office.


If your dental office does any community service or helps low income communities with dental care, feel free to post all about this on Sundays! Potential patients love seeing dental practices with a heart.

Lost on Ideas?

When in doubt, search trending hashtags to find inspiration for something to post. If you have a Hootsuite account you can see it on there, or by searching directly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have any questions about social media, contact us at Dental Affiliate today!