What’s More Important? Blogging or Website Content?

All websites are different so some websites may find blogging to be more important than their website content. E-commerce sites, for example, may not have much to say about their products in their website content so it may be more beneficial to talk about their products within a blog. Businesses like dental offices, on the other hand, will benefit more from good website content than from a blog. Learn more about the differences and what makes a blog and website content give the best results possible.

You may have read our past blog explaining the differences between a blog and a page on your website, if not, here’s a quick refresher. A page is valued by search engines as the most valuable information on your website. Pages typically contain information that will always be helpful for viewers and are linked out on the menu. Blogs, on the other hand, are associated with a date, making them less valuable to search engines. Blogs usually contain information that is relevant to the time or information that is not important enough to be included on a page within the website.


Blogs are a great way to interact with your clients, patients or customers, keep them updated on news in your business, alert them of specials going on, and to give more information about your products, procedures or services you offer. Websites that should focus on blogging are websites that already have great SEO and an abundance of great website content. At this point, blogging will not only help maintain your SEO, it will give your business more credibility. Even just blogging weekly shows that you are active in your business and care about your readers enough to provide them with additional information each week. When it comes to blogging and website content in general, the higher the word count, the better. Although you shouldn’t add lots of filler text just to get your word count up. Make sure all the content is original and informative.

Website Content

Websites that should focus on improving their website content are websites with bad SEO, or just don’t have much content on their website in general. To improve your website content, you should structure our all your services you want to be ranking for. Based on this list, pages about those services will be created. For best results, each page will contain about 1,000 words of all original content filled with your target keywords. Once your website content is complete and you have as much information as possible on your website about the services you offer, should you begin to blog. Blogging helps you add additional information about these procedures that you may not think are important enough to include on the service page.

Is Content All for SEO Purposes?

No! Website content is a very important factor of SEO, but its main purpose is to educate your website visitors. The more information on your website, the fewer questions your patients or customers will ask during their visit. Although questions are always welcome, the fewer questions asked, the more time you will save and the more people you can help. Website content is also great when patients or customers are visiting you and want to learn more on their own time. At this point, you can direct them to your website to visit and explore at their convenience.

Need Help with Content Marketing?

Talk to us at HippoMedical, and we will help you rewrite your website content to include all services you offer. In addition, we can help set up a regular blog to release the latest information. Contact us to learn more. Visit our other blogs to learn more about digital marketing, social media and more!